Felicity West

Yoga Therapy Wellness Mentoring

Are you ready to feel radiant and thrive?

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Yoga Therapy based Wellness Mentoring uses the powerful ancient wisdom of Yoga Therapy, explored, explained and delivered in a way that makes sense for busy, modern lives. Treatment plans aim to address the body, mind and spirit in order to bring a client back into harmony.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy allows for the safe and effective one on one treatment of clients for a wide range of health concerns. Providing customised yoga plans to suit each individuals requirements, Yoga Therapy is suitable for any age group and ability. Flexibility and fitness are not a requirement for Yoga Therapy treatments – your plan is based on and respects your current abilities and needs.

Yoga therapy includes more than just moving the body with physical postures. A yoga therapy treatment plan aims to address the body, mind and spirit in order to return to harmony. A yoga therapy plan utilises a wide range of yoga based treatments including the use of traditional postures (asana) and breathing practices (pranayama) complimented with other yogic treatments such as:

  • relaxation (yoga nidra)
  • massage
  • cleansing techniques (kriyas)
  • meditation practices
  • mudra (hand gestures)
  • mantra (healing sounds)

Yoga plans created help target the natural recuperative powers of the body through lifestyle management.

Yoga Therapy qualifications

Felicity is a Yoga Alliance RYT200 and RYT500 yoga teacher, completing the Dipoma in Yoga and the Diploma in Yoga Therapy through Wellpark College of Natural Therapies. Each 720 hour training ran for one year, full time and were hugely transformational, allowing her to deepen her knowledge of yoga and learn how to integrate modern medical science with the yogic understanding of disease. On completion of her studies Felicity has gained over 1440 hours of yoga training along with a much stronger knowledge of Yoga and Integrated Yoga Therapy practices.

The trainings provided her with a thorough understanding of the traditional yoga classical texts to facilitate healing at all levels of being, along with an understanding of medical sciences through more in depth study of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology.

In particular the Diploma in Yoga Therapy is an intense year of training, requiring a deep commitment to rigorous study of classical yoga texts, exploration of medical science and yogic approaches to health, physical experience of the kriyas (yogic cleansing techniques), study of research papers in relation to yoga, training in ayurvedic and energetic massage practices and a full semester of client clinicals and case studies.

The Diploma of Yoga Therapy is recognised by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, USA and is formally recognised by Vivekanado Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (VYASA), India.